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£15 Off Complete Glasses

Purchase any prescription glasses from £59 complete and take advantage of a £15 discount if you don't want a 2-4-1 deal. Not everyone wants a second pair so at Holmes and Davidson Opticians, we offer a discount to those that only want a single pair of any prescription glasses.

2-4-1 from £59

Choose any 2 pairs of £59 complete glasses and pay for only one of them. You can also take advantage of £59 off any second pair of glasses on the same day. Why not treat yourself to some new Ray-Ban glasses to wear every day and £59 off some Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses for the summer.

Glasses from only £25 complete

If you want incredible value glasses, we now have an ever changing range of glasses from only £25 complete with single vision lenses. Not only is the price low but the designs are simply amazing, currently the styles include Julian Macdonald and JK London.




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